What Price will you pay for your website?

A very basic web presence can be created for as little as £150. A single web page can be extremely complex, involving lots of interactivity and graphics that need to be designed or it can be very simple, like the page that you are now reading, with mostly text, so pricing can vary


(Note that the cost of a web site is not proportionate to the number of pages required. A single page web site still requires layout and graphic design. Developing the look and the graphics for a single page takes almost as long as it does for 100 pages).

It is very difficult to be specific but as an example, we can create a low cost web site with a similar structure to this with say 4 pages for a very reasonable price, probably around £200. Very importantly, this will usually include effective search engine optimization.Smaller sites will cost less. 
Please remember that you must supply the basic text information and graphics/photographs for the site although we can often write or research graphics for you at an additional charge.Fortunately this should not be a problem as everything can be done via email and the telephone.
There are a few other factors that will affect the price of your web site:

Copy typing: 
This can be done for a fee as having to transcribe large amount’s of text from paper takes time. You should always try to provide your copy in electronic format. The actual format is not particularly important as long as it is saved in a file. Even basic emailed text is fine. The formatting would have to be changed for the web anyway. 
Changing your mind: 
If we develop your web site or part of your web site as specified and you subsequently change your mind this will still have to be paid for. It is vitally important that you carefully specify your web site before we commence working on your site and be sure you know exactly what you want. 
Graphic design: 
Graphic design and research is probably the single most time consuming part of developing a web site. If your site requires lots of original graphic design work please expect to have to pay a little extra for this

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